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The Lady of December bears the white Narcissus and dons the stone of Turquoise.  The white Narcissus celebrates fertility and resurrection while the Turquoise shall bring her prosperity and good fortune.

She ushers in the beginning of Winter’s reign.


Lady of December

Original Not Available

10×20 inches, watercolors and ink with genuine 22k gold leaf accents.

Artist’s Comments:  Lady of December draws inspiration from the celebration of Saint Lucy in Scandinavia and other countries.  The festival celebrates Saint Lucia of Syracuse, a Christian martyr who was said to have brought aid to Roman Christians hiding in the catacombs.  She used a candle crown to light her way, bearing food in her arms.

The Lady of December similarly conjures a light to lead the way, a warm flame to light the darkest winters and inspire us during hopeless times.


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