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The Lady of January bears the Carnation and Snowdrops and dons the stone of Garnet. The pink Carnation conveys undying love while the Snowdrop represents hope in sorrow. The Garnet will bring her serenity, passion, and balance.

She brings with her a time of darkness under the thrall of winter as all await the coming of Spring.


Lady of January

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10×20 inches, Watercolor and Ink with Silver Liquid Leaf

Artist’s Comments:  Lady of January draws inspiration from Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring whose annual imprisonment in the underworld drives the eternal cycle of winter and spring.  Here she awaits her emergence from winter’s shadow.

The four garnet foci in her necklace symbolize the pomegranate seeds given to Persephone which cursed her to the underworld.  Even the raw uncut garnet cluster has an appearance similar to pomegranate seeds.

I’ve also worked in the Snowdrop, another acknowledge birth flower of January, which is said to bloom from the snow-covered graves in early spring before the snows have melted, symbolizing hope.

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