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Lady of March

The Lady of March bears Daffodils and dons the stone of Aquamarine.  The Daffodils represent chivalry and unrequited love. The Aquamarine will bring her foresight, courage, and happiness.

She ushers in a time of resurrection, renewal, and the bursting forth of new life.


Lady of March

Original SOLD!

10×20 inches, watercolors and ink with genuine 22k gold leaf accents.

Artist’s Comments:  The Lady of March draws inspiration from Ostara, goddess of Easter and Spring.  She is the Lady of Resurrection whose power reflects natures ability to renew itself after the death brought by winter.

March’s birth flower, the daffodil, reflects this ability with its perpetual renewal. It dies and returns to a bulb and emerges anew in spring.

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Lady of March Mandala